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  • vault skylight
  • Tubelight and supertube skylight
  • pyramid skylight
  • three vault skylights
  • big vault skylight
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  • two long vault skylights
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Welcome to Sunbright Skylights

  • vault skylight
  • vault skylight
  • three vault skylights
  • pyramid skylight
  • pyramid skylight
  • interior bright skylight
  • bright skylight sunlight
  • skylight installation
  • bright skylight interior
  • vault skylight interior
  • pyramid skylight installation
  • two vault skylights
  • vault skylight installation
  • interior sunlight vault skylight
  • vault skylight installation
  • interior bright skylight
Sunbright Skylights - Now Covering:
  • Durban
  • Pietermarizburg
  • Midlands
  • North Coast
  • South Coast.
Tubular Skylight
We are a family-run business which has been running for over 15 years now in the Durban area. We specialise in every type of skylight - barrel vault, pyramid, box etc., but also we have a unique and beautiful patio system!

We have changed many houses into homes by adding on beautiful rooms with our patios. People's lives have been made more comfortable with the work that we have done. A useless outside space has been transformed into a comfy and use able living area which has not only made the house more livable but added value onto the property.

The thing that gives our small family-run business the edge is our service. You ring and need a quote urgently. We get it out to you within 2 days of the call and can most of the time give you your quote there and then. If it's something that is going to be custom made to your taste then the quote will also be given within a couple of days. Our prompt and friendly service is what gives us the edge over our competitors. We have nothing to hide, honest and open with your best interests at heart, and we always give the best possible price.
  Our team of workmen have been fully trained and again have been with the company for 15 years. We treat them well so that they work well for us and therefore for you too. From patios to tubular skylights , Sunbright Skylights specialises in the domestic and light commercial markets offering a wide range of products both in glass and acrylic to South Africa. We pride ourselves on superior quality, exceptional service and use of innovative products, which are efficient and cost effective to South Africa.  
Thank you for letting me introduce ourselves to you and hopefully we can do business in the future!!!
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